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Mark Hurd Keynote

Mark Hurd: Cloud Migration Occurring Even Faster Than Expected

In Tuesday keynote, CEO says all cloud applications will include AI, 85% of customer interactions will be automated by 2025.

Cloud Security Services

Cloud Security Services Provide Multi-Layer Defense Against Cyber Threats

Latest security offerings include Web Application Firewall, DDoS protection, Cloud Access Security Broker to enforce corporate security.

Next-Gen Enterprise Cloud

Oracle Cements Commitment to Next-Gen Enterprise Cloud

Enhancements include new cloud security services, a cloud region expansion, autonomous database upgrades.

Oracle Digital Assistant

Oracle Delivers Personalized Digital Assistants for the Enterprise

With Oracle Digital Assistant, one comprehensive digital assistant can be trained to support domain skills from multiple applications such as HR, ERP, CRM and CX.

Global Companies Speed Innovation with Oracle Cloud

Global Companies Speed Innovation with Oracle Cloud

Ebates, Mitsubishi Electric and Office Depot accelerate time to market, cut manual processes with Oracle Cloud Applications and Oracle Cloud Platform.

AI, Process Automation

AI, Process Automation Enhance Oracle’s Market-Leading Cloud ERP Suite

Machine learning automates labor-intensive tasks, strengthens access controls, and improves expense reporting accuracy and compliance.

HR and Talent Processes, Reimagined

HR and Talent Processes, Reimagined

Oracle HCM Cloud enhanced with AI to make work simpler, smarter, and more agile, enhancing employee and candidate experiences.

Oracle CX Unity

CX Update Creates Unified Customer Views

Oracle CX Unity provides comprehensive view across known and unknown interactions to prescribe an optimal experience.

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