Autonomous Database: Sit back, relax, and let Oracle do the driving.
Autonomous Database: Sit back, relax, and let Oracle do the driving.

Choose Your Industry Path to Success

Aerospace and Defense
Drive Innovation and Value Chain Excellence

Rely on Oracle solutions to manage programs, projects, and contracts; boost performance of maintenance and service operations; mitigate risk; and ensure legislative compliance.

Enable Automotive Transformation

Take advantage of Oracle Cloud to accelerate innovation, boost brand equity, drive growth through customer-centric processes, and optimize supply-chain performance.

Differentiate Products and Services and Maximize Profitability

Rely on Oracle to achieve growth through differentiation, combat downward margin pressures, and optimize global supply chains.

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation in a Communications-Driven World

Speed digital transformation, from network evolution to digital business and customer experience.

Construction and Engineering
Gain New Insights Into Project Progress and Performance

Transform project management by delivering new levels of efficiency, visibility, collaboration, and change control.

Consumer Goods
Improve Innovation. Increase Trade Effectiveness. Engage with Consumers.

Meet your business challenges with powerful technology and industry solutions.

Education and Research
Higher Education

Drive transformation with the most comprehensive solutions to deliver the experience and engagement your students, staff, and faculty expect.

Primary and Secondary Education

Personalize the student experience and deliver content in context. Drive greater student engagement and improve outcomes.

Research Institutions

Oracle uses the latest cloud high-performance computing infrastructure and platform solutions to help institutions accelerate research at scale.

Financial Services

Thrive in the age of digital disruption.

Capital Markets

Modernize the transfer agency and grow asset management.


Engage a new generation of consumers and improve business agility.

Food and Beverage
Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes

Streamline operations and enhance the guest experience.

Sports and Entertainment

Simplify complex venue operations with integrated solutions.

Meet the Needs of Healthcare Payer and Provider Organizations

Empower your healthcare organization with the industry’s most complete and unified ERP, finance, HCM, supply chain, and EPM cloud applications.

High Technology
Empower High Technology Transformation

Meet your business challenges with powerful technology and cloud business applications, including key functionality built specifically for high-tech companies.

Casino and Gaming

Take advantage of the ultimate gaming solutions and industry expertise.


Optimize cruise and ferry management with innovative technology.

Hotels and Resorts

Enable scalable, modular, hotel property management.

Industrial Manufacturing
Drive Industrial Manufacturing Transformation

Meet your business challenges with powerful technology and cloud business applications, including key functionality designed specifically for industrial manufacturers.

Life Sciences
Explore Life Sciences Solutions

Gain the advantage of best-in-class technology and comprehensive, preintegrated business applications.

Media and Entertainment
Maximize the Value of Digital Content

Get best-in-class performance and efficiency for transcoding, digital animation rendering, streaming media, and active archiving.

Natural Resources
Build a Responsive Global Organization

Optimize manufacturing and logistics and increase asset utilization with technology and business applications built specifically for natural resources enterprises.

Oil and Gas
Create a Cloud Advantage in Oil and Gas

Drive innovation and transformation with Oracle Cloud applications and platform services that are purpose-built for the oil and gas industry.

Professional Services
Align Your Business with Your Capabilities and Strategy

Join the many professional services organizations that rely on Oracle for better business insight, adaptive business processes, and a superior ownership experience.

Public Sector
Empower Government Transformation

Join the more than 500 government organizations that take advantage of the flexibility and cost savings of Oracle Cloud to engage with constituents and modernize government services.

Innovate in Retail

Meet at the intersection of innovation and intent to attract new customers, maintain loyalty, and preserve profits.

Travel and Transportation
Personalize and Differentiate the Customer Experience

Bring innovative new services to market, automate and integrate processes, improve front- and back-office productivity, improve compliance, and optimally maintain and deploy assets.

Develop Strategic, Efficient Processes

Adopt technologies that enable utilities to provide reliable, secure, and scalable technologies and processes that deliver results for their customers.

Wholesale Distribution
Enhance Customer Retention, Optimization, and Profitability

Gain operational flexibility through configurable processes, increase availability with demand-driven execution, and gain more value by integrating channels.

We Drive Transformation Inside Your Industry

Dedicated vertical organizations with deep domain industry expertise provide best-of-breed technologies to help solve the most complex business problems.

Customer Stories

Industry Innovation Successes


McCarthy Digitizes Lean Construction with Oracle



Builder McCarthy turned to Oracle Prime Projects to digitize its lean construction processes and integrate task management with its CPM schedule. The cloud software also has improved coordination and collaboration among project teams.

CSL Behring logo

CSL Behring Uses Oracle Argus in Safety Case Management


CSL Behring

Argus is state-of-the-art. It’s considered industry best-in-class by most, so knowing that CSL Behring was on its way to use Argus gave me confidence, I was joining a company that had the right priorities and a good strategic direction.
Richard L. Wolf, Senior Director, Global Clinical Safety and Pharmacovigilance, CSL Behring
Foodation logo

Foodation Serves Up A Growing Pizza Enterprise with Oracle Simphony, One Slice at a Time



Foodation is delivering fantastic service across three concepts — pizza, burgers, kebabs — with Oracle Simphony Cloud and the InMotion mobile app reporting.

Lenoz logo

Lenox Upgrades Their Legacy Ecommerce Platform to www.8a782.cnmerce Cloud in Less Than Six Months



Lenox upgraded their legacy ecommerce platform to www.8a782.cnmerce Cloud in less than six months. Their CIO shares lessons learned and value gained, including empowering business users.

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