Oracle Code One

十一选5期期中彩票:Let’s Break New Ground, Together

Oracle Code One is the most inclusive developer conference on the planet. Participate in discussions on Java, Go, Rust, Python, JavaScript, SQL, R, and more.

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Come Learn, Experiment, and Build With Us

Discover the Latest on Java—from the Source
Learn where Java will go next in our technical keynote. Further the open source conversation with topics on Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit, Project Fn, and OpenJFX.

Be a Part of Technologies That Are Changing Everything
See how you can shape the future and break new ground. Experience deep-dive into sessions and hands-on labs on leading-edge technology such as blockchain, chatbots, microservices, and AI.

Connect with Your Global Community in the Groundbreakers Hub
Experience cloud development technology in the Groundbreakers Hub, featuring workshops and other live, interactive experiences and demos.

Week at a Glance

For additional schedule and session information view the detailed agenda.

Oracle Code One 5 day agenda

Find Your Track

    Core Java Platform

    The Java development platform’s strength and continued growth depends on the relentless pursuit of innovation and performance at the very core of the Java family of technologies. This track covers material that is fundamental to all uses and variants of the Java platform and the Java language and library, including the latest developments in Java Virtual Machines as well as deep technical explanations of new library features. This track also addresses security-related topics surrounding Java including security tools and coding techniques.

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    Java Server-Side

    This track is filled with technical and birds-of-a-feather (BoFs) sessions that showcase how developers are using Java technology to handle large-scale, mission-critical workloads in the cloud or on-premises. From exploring the fine details of what happens at the source-code level where the work actually gets done, to ecosystem-level efforts and enterprise architectures, if it happens on the server side on the JVM, it’s in this track.

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    Java Ecosystem

    Developers continue to embrace Java, languages that harness the full power of the JVM, and tools to enhance application value into extensive development scenarios. This track showcases how Java, dynamically typed languages and statically typed general-purpose languages, and development tools can help accelerate application development for a wide range of environments including small power-constrained/low memory systems, the embedded connected world, intelligent mobile platforms, and client-side environments, all touching a variety of device types, media types, and situation types.

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    Cloud Native

    Did you know that you made Oracle #1? Containerized Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Java, MySQL, Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Coherence, and other products are the most subscribed-to certified content on Docker Hub. This track focuses broadly on modern applications in cloud environments using containers (Oracle Container Engine, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry, Oracle Container Pipelines, Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Envoy, etc.), serverless technology (Oracle Functions, Fn Project, etc.), infrastructure as code (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Resource Manager, Terraform, etc.), and streaming (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming and other platforms).

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    Developer Community

    The developer community is inclusive of open source, technology groups, diversity, kids’ education, and outreach. This track welcomes content on different programming languages including JavaScript, Python, Go, Rust, and the 10 million Java developers globally. Come learn about open source projects you can get involved in such as OpenJDK, Project Fn, Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit , Graal, and others. Help increase diversity in technology and inspire the next generation of young women programmers. Engage with independent advocates such as the Oracle Developer Champions, Java Champions, and Oracle ACEs, and a huge ecosystem of open source developers. Finally, discover how you can be part of the thriving developer ecosystem and contribute to the growth of the largest technology community in the world.

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    Development Tools

    Writing good, clean code more quickly underpins the essence of a developer’s productivity. New-age Java developer tools continue to push the boundaries in this space. This track focuses on tools that are enhancing Java application development productivity including IDEs, monitoring, testing, and performance environments. Developers also learn about other related topics such as application lifecycle management toolkits, continuous integration tools, modeling systems, analysis tools, and source code editors.

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    This track is all about dealing with data, whether it’s data management or data processing or data science, whether you use relational or NoSQL databases, or other technologies in the big data ecosystem.

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    Emerging Technologies

    Are you doing something cool with emerging technologies? Then this is the right track for you. Here is everything that’s hot and hip, from machine learning and AI to blockchain, IoT, chatbots, and much more.

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    Delivering software and services faster and with more agility than the competition is a requirement for modern development organizations. This track focuses on DevOps culture, practices, and tools that enable you to deliver software at a higher cadence and with higher quality, whether it’s packaged or in the cloud. Learn about the latest practices in continuous integration (CI), continuous deployment, CI pipelines, and assembly lines.

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    Modern Web

    The common denominator for this track is the web browser.?Whether it’s desktop, mobile, kiosk, or other formats; whether it’s user interface, browser networking, or security; if it happens in the browser or in the layers immediately adjacent to the browser, this is the track.

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    MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database with a global community of developers. This track covers the latest features and advances in MySQL along with advanced topics such as monitoring, management, high availability, clustering, replication, and cloud deployment. Come hear about MySQL from the experts at Oracle as well as leading experts in the database community.?

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    Data Science

    The track brings together data science, application development, and machine learning practitioners from different industries to discuss practical and state-of-the-art tools and techniques. We want to encourage mutually beneficial interactions among practitioners working to address the many challenges facing data science and machine learning systems. Novel and practical open source tools, latest practical techniques used in live systems in the industry, use of cloud-based solutions and infrastructure for scale and automated DevOps, and unique solutions that bridge the gap between research and industry are some of the relevant topics for this track.

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Meet Some of Last Year’s Groundbreaking Speakers

Photo of Diane Davis

Diane Davis

Principal Systems Engineer, a.i. solutions, Inc.

Dr. Diane Davis is an astrodynamicist and principal systems engineer with NASA and USAF aerospace industry leader a.i. solutions. She designs spacecraft orbits with the Future Capabilities team at Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX, and previously navigated a spacecraft to Mars and comets at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She is the lead researcher for the Deep Space Trajectory Explorer, a JavaFX-based design and visualization software for interplanetary orbit analysis.

Photo of Graeme Rocher

Graeme Rocher

Product Lead, Grails and Micronaut Principal Software Engineer at Object Computing

Graeme Rocher is a software engineer and professional open source contributor who created several popular open source projects including Grails, GORM, and Micronaut. Rocher currently leads the development of the Grails and Micronaut frameworks at OCI and is the author and/or co-author of several books including The Definitive Guide to Grails 2 (Apress).

Photo of Fabiane Nardon

Fabiane Nardon

Director, TailTarget

Fabiane Nardon is a computer scientist who is passionate about creating software that will positively change the world we live in. She was chief architect of the Sao Paulo Healthcare Information System, considered the largest Java EE application in the world and winner of the 2005 Duke’s Choice award. She led several communities, including the JavaTools community at, where more than 800 open source projects were born. She is a frequent speaker at conferences in Brazil and abroad, including JavaOne, OSCON, Jfokus, DockerCon, JustJava, QCon, and more. She’s also the author of several technical articles and a member of the program committee of several conferences including JavaOne, OSCON, TDC, and QCon. She was chosen a Java Champion by Sun Microsystems in recognition of her contribution to the Java ecosystem. Currently, she works as a chief scientist at Tail where she is helping to shape new disruptive data-science-based services.

Photo of Heinz Kabutz

Heinz Kabutz

CIO/CTO, JavaSpecialists.EU

Dr. Heinz Kabutz writes the popular The Java Specialists’ Newsletter read by tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans in more than 140 countries. To subscribe, visit

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