Autonomous Database: Sit back, relax, and let Oracle do the driving.
Autonomous Database: Sit back, relax, and let Oracle do the driving.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) for Dummies

浙江二十选五开奖结果 Achieve high infrastructure performance without the dedicated infrastructure price. Explore Oracle Cloud platform, an enterprise-grade, fault-tolerant IaaS.

IaaS for Dummies


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Resources for IT Professionals

Check out the latest product information, technical knowledge, and community discussions that feature peer insights.

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Database Overview

Discover the world’s No. 1 cloud database products, including the self-driving Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud.

Autonomous Database

Research the benefits of autonomous technology—it’s self-driving, self-securing and self-repairing for more efficient operations.

What Is an Autonomous Database?

Learn the fundamentals of this new category of database, pioneered by Oracle.

Database Blogs

Stay on top of the latest developments and insights from our roster of expert bloggers and database professionals.

Database Product Directory

Review the complete inventory of Oracle Database and cloud database products.

Database Downloads

Gain immediate access to the latest downloads, including core database, developer tools, data modelers, and more.

Database Administrator (DBA) and Developer Resources

Obtain the latest downloads, development strategies and tech tips for admins and developers.

Database Security: An In-Depth Technical Review

Go deep on strategies and tactics to secure the Oracle Database by downloading this white paper.

Autonomous Database Tutorials

Access tutorials and learn fundamentals of provisioning, creating tables, loading your data and running a sample query.

Autonomous Database Features and Product Trial

Sign up for a free trial of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud and learn how it can benefit your business.

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New to Java? Get Acquainted

Get up and running on Java technologies, then start building with resources in the New to Java Programming Center.

Java Software

Dive deep into application development strategies, benefits of Java in the cloud, and get the latest downloads.

Java Platforms

Review your options for developing with the global standard; get started with special offers and downloads.

Java Training and Certification

Validate your skills and earn credibility with one of the most respected credentials in the industry.

Java Downloads

Select the best option and download the Java Platform (JDK) and NetBeans with JDK, as well as Java SE updates.

Java Developer Resources

Delve into essential Java developer resources including technology overviews, training, demos, and blogs.

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IT Infrastructure Overview

Discover Oracle IT infrastructure, available in on premises, cloud at customer, and public cloud consumption models.

Cloud-Ready Infrastructure Blog

Leverage the Cloud-Ready Infrastructure Blog to brush up on topics including data protection, infrastructure services, and more.

Engineered Systems

Research Oracle’s robust line of engineered systems, which will maximize the value of your Oracle Database investment and stake a clear path to cloud.


Learn how Oracle’s networking and data center fabric products improve infrastructure performance, simplify connectivity, and reduce cost.

Infrastructure Software

See how Oracle operating system and virtualization software accommodate today’s hybrid cloud environments.

Infrastructure as a Service

Begin your analysis of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, which supports enterprise applications, high-performance workloads, and serverless architectures.

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Oracle Security Products Overview

Get insider expertise on security considerations for migrating to the cloud, as well as details on key Oracle cloud security products.

Database Security

Develop a comprehensive understanding of Oracle’s database security strategy, architecture, and products.

Identity Management and Access Management

Achieve compliance and secure sensitive applications data with Oracle Identity Management (IdM) and Oracle Access Management solutions.

Oracle Identity Cloud Services

Find out how your business can leverage Oracle products to manage user identities for both cloud and on-premises applications.

Security Downloads

Browse our directory to find and download the database security product that best addresses your business needs.

Security Community / Discussions

Visit the security community for timely discussion and insights on firewalls, identity management, Java security, and more.

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Server Product Details

Find technical details on Oracle products including engineered systems, the Solaris OS, and more.

Engineered Systems – SuperCluster M8

Discover how Oracle SuperCluster M8 is the ultimate secure, powerful and cost-effective cloud infrastructure for database and application consolidation.

Netra Servers

Achieve extraordinary uptime with Oracle Netra systems, which accelerate delivery of new services and lower business risks.

Engineered Systems – SuperCluster MiniCluster S7

Get push-button simplicity and security with Oracle MiniCluster, which maximizes performance and cost-efficiency for the Oracle Database.

SPARC Servers

Deploy servers on-premises or in the cloud with Oracle’s SPARC family. Get great performance for database, Java, and analytics applications.

Rack Cabinets

Maximize flexibility in your data center with rack cabinets that optimally utilize your limited space. Our 42u, 19-inch racks offer exceptional capacity.

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Storage Overview

Explore storage systems that accelerate applications while protecting critical data against failures and attacks.

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Eliminate data loss exposure for Oracle Databases and enable quick data recovery with the purpose-built Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance.

Network-Attached Storage (NAS)

Realize extreme performance for business-critical workloads, along with low total cost of ownership, by choosing Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance.

Tape Storage

Extend data protection and long-term data retention from on-premises to the cloud leveraging Oracle StorageTek solutions.

Solution Architects
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Resources for Solution Architects

Join discussions on developer tools and microservices; get insights on PaaS products including Java Cloud and Business Intelligence Cloud Service.

Architect Community

Access the latest articles and whitepapers. Join discussions on service-oriented architecture (SOA) and governance.

Timely Insights for Architects

Check out a full roster of resources including podcasts, newsletters, events, and learning libraries for architects.

System Administrators and Developers
# Products
Oracle Developer Website

Access the tools and resources you need for modern cloud development using Java, databases, microservices, and Open Source technologies.

Developers Blog

Acquire the knowledge, from DevOps to databases, to step up to modern cloud development.

Product Details for Admins and Developers

Find technical details on Oracle products including engineered systems, Solaris, Oracle Linux, and more.

Software Downloads

Initiate software downloads from this comprehensive directory of software spanning Java, database, middleware, developer tools, and more.

Systems Admin Forums

Visit the server and storage systems developer community, where you can dive into topics including engineered systems, Linux, and networking.

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