Next-Generation Customer Service

Differentiate your brand by delivering unique customer services through organic channels, knowledge-driven interactions, and automation.

Modern Customer Experience

A premier event that provides the latest strategies and best practices in marketing, service, sales, and commerce. Deliver the experiences that your customers will rave about—and your competitors will envy. March 19-21, Las Vegas.

Oracle CX Service

Transforming Customer Service

Connect All Customer Interactions
Connect All Customer Interactions
Offer Infinite Engagement Choices
Offer Infinite Engagement Choices
Deliver Outstanding Experiences
Deliver Outstanding Experiences
Give Tailored Responses
Give Tailored Responses
Automate Processes and Interactions
Automate Processes and Interactions

Connect all Customer Interactions

Seamlessly connect all service touchpoints: digital channels, contact centers, and field interactions throughout the CX journey.


Provide a meaningful and connected customer journey.

  • Out-of-the-box digital, agent, and field service experiences
  • Highly configurable
  • Lower cost of ownership

Offer Infinite Engagement Choices

Offer customers infinite choices to engage with you—anywhere they want, any way they want.


Customers will engage on their channel of choice.

  • Digital service
  • Cross-channel contact center engagement options
  • Customer communication for field service

Deliver Outstanding Experiences

Enable customer-obsessed call center agents to go beyond expectations.


Access a complete customer view within highly responsive and intuitive interfaces.

  • Contextual desktops
  • Scalable
  • Built-in productivity tools

Give Tailored Responses

Give the one, correct answer through best-of-breed knowledge management or automated, personalized advice.


Wow your customers with accuracy, personalization, and responsiveness.

  • Contextual knowledge
  • Enterprise content search
  • Dynamic interviews

Automate Processes and Interactions

Predict, improve, and augment the customer experience using automation and intelligence.


Offer differentiating customer experiences through innovation and automation.

  • Virtual assistants
  • Predictive analytics
  • IoT infrastructure
Customer Stories

Service Success


Elgin Innovates with Oracle Service Cloud and IoT


Elgin Sweeper Company

104-year-old Elgin Sweeper Company stays competitive with Oracle CX Cloud.

City of Albuquerque

City of Albuquerque Invests in Next-Generation Citizen Experiences


City of Albuquerque

Hear city management explain how they are adding innovative new channels for their 311 contact center.

Cincinnati Bell logo

Cincinnati Bell Dials in Field Service with Oracle


Cincinnati Bell

Hear how this telecommunications company is using Oracle Field Service Cloud to increase efficiency and improve its customer favorability rating.

Sound United (D+M Group)

D+M Group Changes its Entire Business with Oracle Service Cloud


D+M Group

Learn how D+M Group used Oracle Service Cloud to transform customer service and change its entire business.

Western Digital logo

Western Digital Delivers Customer Service in 16 Languages


Western Digital

Western Digital explains how customer service is a differentiator for the business and how service is offered the way customers want it.

Lenovo logo

City of Fort Wayne Offers Excellent Citizen Engagement


City of Fort Wayne

Learn how the City of Fort Wayne created better citizen experiences while integrating with more than 23 departments.

Oracle CX

Service Solutions

By Business Challenge

By Business Challenge
Solutions for Service

Solutions for Service

Oracle Service solutions deliver unique customer services through organic channels, knowledge-driven interactions, and automation.

By Role

By Role
Service Solutions by Role

Service Solutions by Role

Whether you are a leader in customer service, knowledge management, or field service, Oracle offers a variety of features to meet your business challenges.

By Industry

By Industry
Industry-Specific Solutions for Service

Industry-Specific Solutions for Service

Oracle CX industry solutions leverage the comprehensive Oracle product portfolio to address distinct industry-specific requirements. With solutions designed and configured for your industry, you can accelerate innovation, improve customer experiences, and drive competitive advantage.

By Innovation

Choose a market focus
Innovative Solutions for Service

Innovative Solutions for Service

Business is changing fast. AI is exploding. Connected devices are everywhere. New communications channels emerge constantly. Virtual and augmented reality are quickly becoming mainstream. All of which are transforming the way your customers interact with your business. And it’s up to you to keep up. See the latest solutions that help you create tomorrow’s service, today.

What makes Oracle a leader in CRM?

Oracle delivers business transformation beyond the front office. Forrester Wave?: CRM Suites, Q4 2018

Read the report
Comcast gets 20:1 return on customer experience with Oracle
Advancing Your Digital Journey with Cloud

The SmarterCX Approach


Remove complexity to accelerate business transformation. Use service to differentiate your brand with connected interactions, tailored responses, and automated processes.


Be the first to leverage technology innovation and provide state-of-the-art customer experiences. Oracle CX solutions offer ready-to-go innovations—such as AI, IoT, chatbots, and data solutions—that enable you to quickly adopt new channels, devices, data sources, and intelligence capabilities. Discover even more solutions by going to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace to deploy prepackaged applications that address your business needs.


Deliver memorable experiences that always exceed expectations and capture lifelong devotion to your brand. With a solution built for innovation and customer service, you can offer deeply personalized and contextual experiences to every customer, every time.


Build Your Business Around Your Customer

Explore how different industries and organizations are modernizing for the experience economy with these resources and case studies.

In the News

Service Highlights

The Forrester Wave™: CRM Suites, Q4 2018

Oracle CX Cloud is a leader in The Forrester Wave™: CRM Suites, Q4 2018.

It’s not me. It’s definitely you

Are you losing your patience with some customer service agencies? See what it takes to get service right.

Rush Hour Routing - How Oracle Field Service Cloud Changes the Game

Companies may encounter obstacles while trying to get their field resources on site quickly and efficiently. See how Oracle Field Service Cloud can help with any combination of predictive travel, real-time traffic, and street-level routing.

4 Key AI Innovations That Made a Splash in 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, we’re looking back at the year’s biggest AI innovations. Companies have applied artificial intelligence and machine learning to everything from customer success programs to healthcare.

The Hidden Side of CX Enhancements That Boosts ROI and Investment Payback

When you’re considering a CX investment—especially a software-driven CX upgrade, look at what your company will earn by enhancing the day-to-day job satisfaction of your most important asset: your people.

Comparing the Cost of Customer Service Software - Cloud vs On Premise

What style of customer service software technology is best for your business? Consider the pros and cons and cost considerations of on-premise and cloud solutions.

Your Customer Engagement Center Needs More Than Just Traditional CRM

Today’s consumers want their problems solved by just pressing a button. Find out how you can meet their demands by delivering a consistent and unique customer experience.

Innovation, Knowledge, and Organic Service Channels

Senior Director of Product Management for Oracle Service Cloud Jeff Wartgow offers his insights on changing consumer lifestyles and the service technologies that are helping organizations meet this new reality.

Are all Modern CX Leaders Skeptics?

Take Oracle’s CX assessment to find out whether you’re a skeptic, an optimist, a visionary, or have just plateaued.

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